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PSLE Science Guide Book

PSLE Science is taken by primary 6 students in their Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). The PSLE Science Guide Book consists of Booklet A and Booklet B to achieve success in the PSLE Science exam. The Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) section of Booklet A is worth 56 marks, while Booklet B is worth 44 marks. It is well known that the section where students face more obstacles is in Booklet B, which contains open-ended questions. With the introduction of the new syllabus by SEAB in 2014, less emphasis is placed on memorisation. Instead, ’creative’ questions have started to emerge in examinations to test the student’s level of understanding of science concepts and their ability to think critically.
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Guide Books available for PSLE Science:

• LiSC Process and Skills for Upper Primary Science

This handbook is part of the LiSC Science Mastery Series. It delivers a systematic approach to solving common exam questions. Unlike other assessment book series that only provide answers at the end of each question, this guidebook breaks down the various processes and skills required in examinations and assessments.

• Conquer PSLE Science Book

Conquer PSLE Science features questions that require the use of process skills in the science syllabus. Each of the 11 process skills has a chapter with both multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and open-ended questions to familiarise students with the various types of questions. These questions are compiled from as many topics as possible to allow for breadth and exposure to content. There is also a short introduction provided on each process skill and knowledge needed for it so that students are aware of what is being taught before starting on the questions. Answers are also provided for self-evaluation.