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Primary School

In Singapore, primary school education is compulsory. The primary school curriculum aims to provide all children with learning opportunities that recognise their strengths and develop their full potential. In primary schools, students will be taught subjects such as Languages, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music and Social Studies. The old grading system will be replaced with a new subject-based banding grading system.
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Books offered for Primary school:

• Conquering Grammar via Shortcuts Pri 4

This book is written for primary 4 students and reinforces their basic grammar skills. This book teaches grammar concepts in simple and succinct ways that include both spoken and written English in everyday use. In this book, you will also be offered tips and examples to develop your vocabulary.

• LiSC Answering Technique Book for Upper Primary School Science

This handbook is part of the LiSC Master Series which specifically outlines a systematic guide to solve exam-like questions. This manual breaks down the different procedures and skills needed for tests and evaluations, unlike other test books on process skills, which simply demonstrate skills at the end of each question.