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Pre-school, also known in Singapore as kindergarten, is an early childhood learning stage for children before primary education. In Singapore, preschoolers usually learn from playing, singing, reading, and writing. The pre-school book includes simple math and science and students are taught ‘school readiness’ skills to enable them to get used to the routines in primary school. Interactive topics such as coding, drawing, and writing are also introduced in this book to stimulate pre-school children’s brain development.
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Books available for Coding:

• Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids is an activity guidebook that is specifically meant for children aged 4 to 7. It aims to teach simple coding principles to youngsters, such as algorithms, sequences, loops, and debugs.

• Writing A to Z

The “Writing A to Z” book helps to build a child’s foundation in the English language, through writing and vocabulary building. This pre-school writing book provides lessons that help children to learn letters of the alphabet. It further helps them by reinforcing alphabet recognition and letter formation.