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About O-Level Malay

The Malay Language at the O-Levels aims to help students gain a high level of proficiency in the Malay language and develop their comprehension of Malay literature, thereby becoming effectively bilingual. Malay students are expected to listen, understand, and evaluate a speech in formal and informal situations, as well as speak fluently and clearly. They are required to give critical opinions and arguments for various purposes, audiences, and situations. Students also need to write texts of various genres clearly using standard language that includes proper grammar, spelling and writing, vocabulary words, terms, and language adjustments to the different contexts and activities.
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Books available for O-Level Malay:

• Latihan Peperiksaan Bahasa Melayu (Malay Exam Practices for Normal Academic & O Level)

This book is based on the latest GCE O-Level Malay format. It helps students become familiar with the format of the Malay exam paper and tests the ability of the student to answer the questions posed. This book consists of two parts and includes model answers. The first part tackles Paper 1 of the exams, and the second part tackles Paper 2 of the exams. The exercises available cover all aspects of the exam items tested, including emails and stimulus graphics. All questions have been carefully selected and edited to meet the needs of the candidates.

Based on the syllabus:

– Complies with GCE O-Level exam format
– Contains 10 sets of question paper 1 and 2
– Quality and theme-based question papers