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O-Level Chemistry Guide Book

The GCE O-Levels are annual national exams taken by the school and private candidates across Singapore. O-Level Chemistry is one of the most popular Science subjects that comes with a guide book to help students qualify the exams.
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What do you learn in O-Level Chemistry?

O-Level Chemistry lets students learn and develop an interest in research and scientific advancements in the technological world in which they work. The O-Level Chemistry guide book encompasses basic principles and ideas, and modern applications in Chemistry. It also places a heavy focus on practical skills, which are fundamental for the subject.

In addition, students learn foundation Science skills that are required when they advance to the Cambridge International AS & A Levels, in their further education and potentially even in their scientific careers.

Books available for O-Level Chemistry:

• Explain That! O-Level Chemistry

• Explain That! O-Level Science Physics & Chemistry

These two O-Level Chemistry guide books are detailed collections of tutorials to help students gain the ability to answer qualitative questions. Each title contains a comprehensive selection of topics addressing several main principles and ideas. These books teach students to use key phrases and words when answering questions, giving them more confidence in exams.

• O-Level Comprehensive Guide Book to Pure Chemistry

This book is different from other Chemistry self-help books in that:
1. It clarifies topics in greater depth to allow students to develop a deeper understanding of each section.
2. It offers tips and advice aimed at helping students revise more effectively.
3. The materials are structured to concentrate exclusively on relevant concepts and their applications in other topics and subjects.