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The A-level General Paper

The General Paper of the Cambridge International A-Levels allows students to work with a range of issues, including facts and knowledge obtained from researching other topics. It helps students learn to construct cases, to rely on information and viewpoint analysis, and to interact in written English through a range of media.
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Books available in A-Level General Paper:

• Content knowledge for A-Level General Paper

Contrary to popular belief, the essay section in General Paper does not simply revolve around profound linguistic knowledge. It requires structured thinking and mature and fluid arguments that succinctly express one’s thoughts. The content knowledge required for A-Level General Paper allows students to become conscious of global and contemporary issues as well as their importance from a local viewpoint. In our fast-paced developing world, in which students can think differently and objectively about global challenges, this personal voice is important. Cambridge is gradually changing its approach to education with questions that demand more than just content replication.