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Importance of A-Level Chemistry Guide Book

Chemistry is an important aspect of the A-Levels (Advanced Level) in Singapore especially if you are looking to study medicine or science subjects in university. An A-Level Chemistry Guide Book can be very complicated considering the number of formulas, terms, and facts involved. As a result, it can be difficult for some students to receive a good score for their papers.
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Books available for A-Level Chemistry:

• A-Level H2 Chemistry Practical Guide

In this book, special focus is placed on details such as the number of figures or decimals used in calculations. Students should therefore be able to determine whether outcomes are accurate, and after measuring, take suitable measures.

• Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is one of the most content-heavy sections in the A-Level Chemistry syllabus. There are countless questions about organic chemistry, often revolving around the same concepts. Students must be able to select and incorporate the applicable principles regardless of the type of question.

• Strategies for Effective Revision A-Level Physical Chemistry

This guide book aids you to excel in Chemistry. The book does not simply contain mere content; it has proper strategies that help to solve almost 90% of Physical Chemistry questions in the examination.