O level Malay

O Level Malay

The Malay language is used most prominently in the region of Southeast Asia. The group of people speaking this language is known as the Malay people. The Malay language is spoken in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of the world. Previously written in Arabic script, it was later changed to Latin script under the…

N level geography

Preparing for Geography Examinations

Singapore students have to go through many tests and examinations throughout their schooling years. The exams offered in Singapore often determine the schools that students will go to afterwards. Is it going to be a junior college/central school or a polytechnic? Private applicants may also take such examinations. In short, it helps to be prepared…

O level geography

O-Level Geography

Crafting a successful Geography essay requires logical thinking skills and adequate content knowledge. For some students, it may be difficult to score well in examinations if they do not have enough practice. We have outlined several main techniques on how to score well for Geography from our favorite Geography teachers across Singapore: 1. Knowing the…

A-Level General Paper

How to prepare for A-Level General Paper

Singaporean students are not only well-known for their competence in mathematics and science, they are also known for their ability to write. Students train hard to be able to write confidently about diverse subjects, and such training is largely thanks to their preparation for the A-Level General Paper. Composing a perfect essay is not easy.…


Selecting PSLE Assessment Books

When preparing for PSLE, selecting the right assessment book can be troublesome. But with the right guidebook, students will be able to get a feel of how the examination is going to be like and prepare for it more effectively. Every book aims to help the student excel in their examinations, but they all come…