N level geography

Preparing for N Level Geography

The N-level tests, one of the main exams offered in Singapore and one that lets certain students settle about their next path after finishing their secondary education. Is it going to be a junior college / central school or a polytechnic? Students undergo this test after their four-year secondary education and qualify for entry to…

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O level geography

Why is O level Geography difficult to score

Creating a successful geography essay requires logical thinking skills and subject knowledge; something that most Singapore students find challenging to learn. We outlined main techniques on how to score A for Geography from our favorite Geography teachers across Singapore: 1. Knowing the structure and specifications of the exam First of all, you need to get…

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A-Level General Paper

How to prepare for A level general paper

Singapore is not only well-known for providing a college demographic with expertise in math and technology. They are also considered to be perhaps the most prolific learners capable of writing diverse subjects quickly thanks to their General Paper A-level checks. Unfortunately, composing a perfect essay is not readily feasible at once, since A-amounts cover a…

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